DevOps Günlüğü #4 18.04.2016

Bu haftanın başlıkları;

* Træfɪk is a modern HTTP reverse proxy and load balancer made to deploy microservices with ease.
* Intel Intelligent Storage Acceleration Library Project
* A Pure Layer 3 Approach to Virtual Networking for Highly Scalable Data Centers
* Infographic: OpenStack Comes of Age
* How We Implemented The Video Player In Mail.Ru Cloud
* vSphere HTML5 Web Client from vmware labs
* Micro-services for performance
* Goad - Goad is an AWS Lambda powered, highly distributed, load testing tool
* 53 new things to look for in OpenStack Mitaka
* System Design Interview Cheatsheet
* containerD - A daemon to control runC, built for performance and density.
* shift is an application that helps you run schema migrations on MySQL databases

Photo Credits:
Nasa Image of The Day - The International Space Station over Earth
Image Credit: STS-132 Crew, Expedition 23 Crew, NASA



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